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Is Your Router Keeps Dropping Internet?

Are you baffled of router keeps dropping internet issue? Is your WiFi network not showing up on your laptop? Unable to access router login page? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is in yes, then this post can be helpful for you.

Here, we have listed various troubleshooting tips that will save you from the hassle of router keeps disconnecting issue as well as help you access login page of your router. Let's delve in and check the solution without any ado.

Why you are facing the router keeps disconnecting issue?

Whether you own a router of Netgear or Linksys, the following tips will help you fix the wireless router's WiFi keeps dropping internet problem.

Right away place your router near to your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Also, consider keeping your router away from devices like refrigerators, concrete walls, metallic walls, reflective items, cellular phones, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, etc.

Once done, perform netgear router login and check for firmware updates. Chances are your router is running an outdated firmware version which is leading towards WiFi connectivity issues.

Power cycle your router, modem, and computer. To power-cycle your devices, simply unplug them from the power outlet and plug in them back after some time.

Make sure the cables you installed to connect your devices like modem and router are not damaged. So, check all the cable connections and also keep a tab on the hardware of your router to see if there is any fault or defect.

If all the LEDs are stable on your router, then might be your device is infected with any virus or malicious software. So, run a scan on your system to check whether the router keeps disconnecting issue is due to the creepy malware or something else is behind it.

Continuous power breakage can also stop your router from giving the desired results.

Imperfect configuration of the router can also be the culprit behind the lag of internet speed. So, consider resetting your WiFi device to default settings and then reconfigure it using the proper router setup steps.

If you are not familiar with the proper setup instructions of your router, then we've got you covered!

How to Set up WiFi Router

Connect your router to the existing modem using an Ethernet cable.

Power up both the devices by plugging them into a power outlet.

Access your device, either laptop/computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Launch a web browser on your device.


Note: Make sure the browser you are using is updated with the latest version and is free of any junk like cache, cookies, and browsing history.

Type the default web address of your router in the web address bar and hit Enter.

You will be prompted to enter the login details.

Enter the default credentials and hit Log In.

Your router configures successfully!

Still facing issues with your router? Well, the problem seems stubborn.

In such a case, you are recommended to get in touch with router experts who can solve the WiFi connectivity or related issues in no time. For contacting experts, dial toll-free +1-844-777-0107

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